Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 2 or Feb 2?????

Hello again:

It is raining hard out today. I guess the only way we can tell if it summer in Oregon is that the rain is warm.

It feels warm and very wet out today.

The picture is another good cartoon for Memorial Day.

I am drinking tea today instead of coffee. The acid in coffee has been upsetting my stomach, so one day without coffee we will see if my stomach is good.

In the book War, the soldiers in Afghanistan are in the northern section to prevent others from bringing weapons from Pakistan. I wonder if this effort was worth it. Too many Americans were killed here as this troop was under fire every day for 15 months.

I now have 12 books waiting for me at the library. I will pick up six or seven of them today, leaving the others for another time.

There is a new trend I see coming: running without shoes. I may try this soon, but only on the streets, never in gravel.

Rain, rain, go away....come again.....


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