Monday, April 19, 2010

Startof the week


I took a bike ride around my neighborhood yesterday. I took pictures of spring flowers. This is a picture of red azalea.

I put this picture here because I am reading a book called Red Azalea, an autobiography of a lady who grew up in China during the Cultural Revolution. I started the book yesterday and I am not that far into it yet. But, as I told you, I like to read books on China. The author is the oldest of four children by one or two years, so she must act as mother to her siblings.

The Cultural Revolution is abomination, one of Mao's worst policies. Mao is the world's worst dictator of all time. He killed over 100 million people during his reign over China.

But the people of China still honor this crazy nut, not realizing how bad he was for China.

Hope your week goes well.


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