Thursday, April 22, 2010

H today


I have been called to jury duty again on May 10. I was selected for jury duty late last year, but I was not called. When I called the court the night before I was to report, I got the message then that they wanted jurors with numbers 1 to 62. I was 167. So no reporting then.

But now I am number 55 so my guess is that when I call the night before I will be reporting for jury on Monday May 10.

The county used voting records for jurors, but some years ago they changed it driver's license records.

The picture here is a big flower in this neighborhood. I went on a bike ride last Saturday to get pictures of spring flowers in this area.

I finished Union Atlantic in two days. I heard the author on C-Span 2 say he turned the book just before the housing bubble burst. It is about a bank called Union Atlantic that gets into major trouble when it bets that the Japanese stock market would continue to rise. But staying in that market for too long forces the bank into a major crisis. Too big to fail, the bank officials said but not according to the New York Fed Chief. Good book, but beware there are some sexual scenes that some may find offensive.

I am reading another novel, the first time I read two novels in a row in a very long time.

It is suppose to warm today so my clothes from the washing machine will be outside on the clothesline.


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