Friday, April 9, 2010

Date wrong in previous post

Hello again:
I made a mistake in my last posting. I kissed a girl in August 1964, not in 1968. By that time in 1968 I was working in the cannery, getting ready to start my first year at the University of Oregon.
After enjoying kissing that girl in 1964, I had to tell my mom that I was not going the seminary. I had her tell my dad and then my dad had to tell my grandmother. I immediately registered at Regis High School. Due to my late registration, I got a locker next to Ken Young, instead of one higher up in the S list.
The picture here is the Salem Ditch as it runs through downtown Stayton. It runs from the Santiam River farther upstream to the east of Stayton and empties into Mill Creek farther to the west of Stayton.
Looks like we will have good weather this weekend.

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