Sunday, April 18, 2010

So nice today...

This is another picture of a dog doing something wrong. I will leave it to your imagine to figure out what this dog is doing on the laptop.
It is very nice out today. I plan on going on a bike ride in a few minutes. I will take my camera with me to get some shots of Spring in Stayton.
Nolan is off to Portland for two weeks to sleep most of the time. He needs nine to ten hours a night but during tax season he gets only six or seven hours, so he creates a sleep debt that he makes up for during the next two weeks.
I made some egg salad for lunch but ate only half of my sandwich. I don't know why I cannot eat very much at meal time, but this is happening to me I do not each much anymore. I am slowly losing weight, the weight I put on since returning from China.
I lost 50 pounds in China, mainly by not getting any sugar. Here in Oregon one cannot avoid sugar. Brownies, cake, candy... so easy to make and so easy to put on weight here. I probably added over 20 pounds in the year since I returned from China.
Off to the outside now.

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