Monday, April 26, 2010


Hi again:

These pictures are the worst road in the world. What is going to happen when those two truck meet?

The road is in Bolivia. I will attach a few more tomorrow when I post another message on this blog.
30 years ago the post-it note came into being.
I certainly am enjoying reading The Greatest Trade Ever on my Kindle. Too bad we did not see the coming downturn in 2008. We could have made millions like a few people did if we could have bet against subprime mortgages.
I watched BookTV yesterday of an author of 13 Bankers. This author, like others I have seen on Book TV during the past few weeks, says our government favors corporations and banks as that is whom the government bailed out. No individual got money back. Not any of the Madeoff investors who have to "claw back" the money they received from that crook.
I have other books reserved at our library here about the great recession we are in now. The Big Short is one and there are four others on my list. I have Too Big to Fail here to read soon. Other books are No One Would Listen and The End of Wall Street.
I found out I do not like to read novels now. I much would rather read non-fiction books now. I will read novels of some of my famous authors, Dan Brown, David Baldacci, and a few others.
How is your week starting out?

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