Thursday, April 1, 2010

18 years ago today...


Well, it has been 18 years to this day that I had my accident with a train. I told that story in detail on this blog a few months ago.

But this is the same day the accident happened only 18 years ago in 1992. I was going to do this at 6:20 pm today to mark the exact time it happened, or so I am told.

I don't remember the day of the accident at all...on to past Easter that year to about two or three days before I left Salem Hospital. Those six weeks are gone from my life and I have not remembered even one event during that time.

Much happened after the accident. Two years after it my wife asked to leave the house, leading to a divorce a year later. I spent two years in China but now I am back in Oregon. I think I am going back to China in July for a few months at least. My ex-wife got married again two years ago. I am not married yet.

Did you see today that Google renamed itself TOPEKA? In a 1:00 am press release today Google announced this.....on the 1st day of April. This happened after Topeka Kansas renamed itself Google in an effort to get the high speed internet Google is now offering to cities around the U.S.

April is here now but March seemed to go out like a lion: it rained for at least 3 days straight earlier this week.

April showers bring May flowers....?????


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