Monday, August 3, 2009

Good Monday morning

Hello again:
The two pictures here are from Santiam Summerfest. The top picture I took to show the green ice. I wonder what flavor the green ice is?
The second picture is a car from the car show at Summerfest. I assume is rises to drive on the road...
I am reading The Last Good Season: Brooklyn, the Dodgers and Their Final Pennant Race Together. The author, Michael Shapiro, was one of the "talking heads" on the HBO special I saw a few weeks ago about the Boys of Summer.
The TV show said the name dodger came from "trolley car dodgers." The book says it came from "trolley dodgers." Regardless, it is good to know now how my favorite baseball team got its name.
The book looks mainly at the 1956 season, the year after the Dodgers won the World Series, after losing to the hated Yankees five times. From the TV show I know the Dodgers in LA won the 1962 World Series against the Yankees in four straight games. A good time for me as I had many friends where were Yankee fans. I don't remember the Dodgers in Brooklyn as I was in early grade school by the time the Dodgers left Brooklyn for LA.
I did watch a baseball game on Saturday the White Sox against the damn Yankees. The Sox beat the Yankees very bad that day, a good day for me to watch how terrible the Yankees get beat that day. I would not have watched it if the Yankees were winning that day.
I listen to NPR each morning from All Things Considered from last night and Morning Edition in the morning. I do not listen to the programs on the radio. Instead, I go to and add the stores I want to listen to by adding them to my playlist. I then start NPR Media Player to play the stories. I do not hear the tag lines for each underwriter. Nor do I hear the music interludes between stores. I also can skip stories I don't want to listen to that morning.
Hope your week goes well.

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