Monday, August 24, 2009

Did not work again....

Hi again:

Well, my effort to get more space between paragraphs was not successful, so I am trying something else. No indenting and just a double space between paragraphs.

I am reading two books at one time, something I have not done. I am reading The Magicians as well The DaVinci Code. I am reading The DaVinci Code in preparation of the release The Lost Symbol on Tuesday Sept 15.

On page 25 of the paperback edition of The Da Vinci Code you see this paragraph:

"Langdon did not add the reason he hadn't yet shown the manuscript to anyone else. The three-hundred-page draft--tentatively titled Symbols of the Lost Sacred Feminine--proposed some very unconventional interpretations of the established religious iconography which would certainly be controversial. "

The new Dan Brown book was thought to be titled The Key of Solomon, but now we see it as The Lost Symbol. This new book is suppose to be sequel to The DaVinci Code--this is why I am re-reading it now.

In his two recent books, The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons both feature Robert Langdon. In the books, the story of Angels and Demons happened before the events in The DaVinci Code. There are some oblique references in The DaVinci Code about what happened a year earlier in Angels and Demons. In the movie world, Angels and Demons seems to be the sequel of The DaVinci Code, again with some references in new movie about what happened in The DaVinci Code.

Do you plan to read The Lost Symbol? If so, let me know how you like after you finish it.

I do hope your week goes well.


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