Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It worked!!!!!


The picture here is a tree near our house in full bloom this spring.

I plan to can my peaches today. I am off to Safeway soon to get some Fruit Fresh, the only thing I lack for my canning efforts.

I am half way through The DaVinci Code and The Magicians. Seems so strange to be reading two books at the same time. I do not know which book to pick up.

I pared down my list of books to read to three now:

Sacred Hearts by Sarah Dunant

An Expensive Education by Nick McDonnell

The Wilderness Warrior by Douglas Brinkley

This is after I finishing reading the two books I am reading now.

As I mentioned, I need to plan to be finished with all of these books before Sept 15, the day The Lost Symbol comes out.

My effort at just double spacing with no indentation seemed to work on the formatting of this blog page. We shall see how it works today.

I will let you know how my canning efforts turn out. I used to can prunes and applesauce when I was still married. But my ex-wife wanted me to use a pressure cooker. I plan to use a big canning pot here.

Enjoy your day in the waning days of summer.


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