Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tueday morning.....

Good morning:

How are you doing today? It is getting warmer, more like summer these days.

The picture here North Santiam State Park. The gravel is where you launch your drift boat. Just beyond the island there is a left turn in the river with a big cut-bank of solid rock. We linger there to fish for steelhead. It is the first place you stop your boat to fish on this trip, which takes you down to Mehama. About a 10 mile drift.

I am heading to the library soon as there are 5 books waiting for me. There are also 5 books "in transit" from other libraries to the Stayton library.

I downloaded articles from the New Yorker and from the Atlantic Monthly to my Kindle. It is much easier to read them on my Kindle than on my computer.

This week I will publish this blog on the Kindle blog site. It will sell there for 99 cents. You need a Kindle to see it in this way.

My blog will still be here for everyone to read it here.

I rather doubt anyone will buy my blog. But Amazon wants me to get my blog there for sale to other Kindle owners. I read only Amazon Daily blog in my Kindle. It comes free every morning when I turn on the whispernet, the cell phone connection of the Kindle.

Please let me know what else you would like to see me write about.


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