Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekend here

Hi again:
The pictures are once again from the Santiam Summerfest.
The top one is of my favorite car: a Jaguar.
The bottom picture a bench, of sorts.
It is unseasonally cool here for the past few days. A high of 68 yesterday. Reading the temperature this time of year, I believed the numbers were transposed.
I finished The Last Good Season, about the 1955 season and the 1956 season. The Dodgers won the 1955 World Series but lost the 1956 World Series in seven games to the hated Yankees.
In California the Dodgers won the 1959 World Series, a series I remember. They started playing in their new stadium in California in 1962, winning the World Series again in 1963, shutting down the Yankees in four games. This I remember as all of my friends in the 8th grade like the Yanks. Me, I am Dodger fan from the word go.
What I did not much about was how the move came from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. This book told me more about that move.
You can tell about other moves from the names of the other teams. The New York Giants and the Milwaukee Braves.
Like I have been telling you, I like baseball. I will watch baseball on TV. I do not care for football so I don't read about football nor will I watch football games on TV. Same applies to basketball. I don't care for basketball so I will not watch basketball on TV.
I read Sports Illustrated yesterday. I remember the days of years ago I used to read that magazine cover-to-cover. Now, I found no article to read in the magazine yesterday.
I go the Economist online, the New Yorker online and Vanity Fair to find articles to transfer to my Kindle. Last night I transferred 9 articles to my Kindle.
I find it difficult to read on my computer screen so I read them instead on my Kindle.
Have a good weekend.

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