Thursday, August 6, 2009

good morning

The top picture shows a pickup I think you need a ladder to get into it.
The second picture shows the crowd at Santiam Summerfest. It was hot that day, getting to over 105 later in the afternoon. I used to know many people in Stayton but now with an increase in population to 7,700 I know hardly anyone. Walking through this crowd I knew on a small handful of people.
We are in the "dog days" of summer, and our high temperature today is getting to 71 degrees. More like Fall weather than the hot weather we usually get in August.
I finished all of the paperwork on the grant I have been working on for the past two weeks. I sent the email out with 13 attachments of documents I had to prepare for this grant. I bet I spent over 40 hours preparing all of this paperwork.
This morning I searched The New York Times and The Oregonian for stories on the grants available for electric cars that the President announced yesterday. I found an article online from each of these newspapers, but I did not want to read them on the computer screen. I copied each over to Word, saved it and then sent an email ,with both articles attached, to Quickly came back the email from Amazon and I downloaded each to my Kindle. I like reading on it rather than reading on my computer screen.
I am really enjoying reading The Last Good Season, about the last years the Dodgers were in Brooklyn. Walter O'Malley tried very hard to keep the Dodgers in Brooklyn, but was frustrated by Robert Moses, the "king" of planning in New York at that time. I can foresee how O'Malley will get upset at the action of Moses and move the team to LA.
This book takes place in my lifetime but too early for me to realize this. I was in the first and second grade when when all of this happened. Major League Baseball was not on my radar at this time in my life.
Time for some oatmeal for my breakfast here.

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