Wednesday, August 26, 2009

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I canned 12 quarts of peaches yesterday. I will can the remainder on Friday. This is my first effort trying to can peaches. I have canned prunes and applesauce in the past. Prunes because I was the only one in my family that liked prunes. Applesauce because we had three big apple trees in our back yard when I was married.

Canning peaches takes time. I started at 9:00 am yesterday and finished around 3:00 pm. Of course, much of that time is waiting for the canner to start boiling and then boil the quarts of peaches for 30 minutes. All sealed just fine.

I saved the peelings from the peaches. I plan to make peach honey. I got the recipe from the internet.

The picture here is from our trip to Victoria a few months ago.

I have not played bridge since returning from China. While in China I also did not play bridge. I still read the daily bridge column in the newspaper but I need to start playing again to have everything come back to me.

Still reading The DaVinci Code and The Magicians. But now there are only 2 books following these two. I read reviews recently of two more books I was going to read but the reviewers did not like either of those books. So I took those two books back to the library. Once I finish these two books I mention above, I plan to read Sacred Hearts and The Wilderness Warrior. This latter book is 900 pages long. This should take me to Sept. 15 when The Lost Symbol comes out.

I do wish you a good day.


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