Sunday, August 9, 2009

fresh tomatoes and iced coffee


We have been picking fresh tomatoes from our garden for the past 3 weeks. We got plants this year with tomatoes already on the plant as I planted 3 of them. This year we have 2 yellow tomato plants and one red tomato plant. The yellow plants are determinate plants, meaning they get ripe all of a sudden. The other type is indeterminate, where you get tomatoes over a period of time over last months of the summer and into the early fall.

I made some coffee yesterday and put in the frig. Today I made some iced coffee. It is so very good.

The picture here is from Santiam Summerfest. This shows the food court at the event. I did not eat anything there as I just had breakfast before coming.

I am reading Jericho's Fall by Stephen Carter. This is the first book I read from this author. It is a very interesting book and I will report on it once I finish it.

I watched a program I taped earlier this morning on C-Span2, BookTV. It is talk by the author of China Price. I am interested in all books on China, having been there for two years. I have this book reserved for me at our library. I see that it is "in transit" on my library website, meaning it will be coming very soon.

What I want to read is more about what is happening to the 400,000 manufacturing plants there in China in light of the downturn in the world's economy. I keep checking The Economist online as well as The Atlantic to see if there any articles on the Chinese economy. If you found any articles on the downturn of the Chinese economy, please let me know.

Look around your home to see how much of the stuff you wear and what is around your home that is made in China.

Enjoy your Sunday.


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