Saturday, August 29, 2009

Weekend here


Look closely at this picture to see the date on the sidewalk. 1919 was three years before my dad was born. This sidewalk is in downtown Stayton.

I finished making my canned peaches yesterday. Got a total of 20 quarts but one I dropped and the lid popped off. Another one the lid and ring came of in the canner, leaving me with 18
quarts of peaches. It will be so much fun to open a quart on a cold winter day.

Right now I am cooking the peach peals. I am making peach honey. The peelings have been cooking for over 2 hours now, on a very low heat. I need to get the juice from these peelings. I will add pectin, sugar and honey to complete this job.

I watched the funeral of Ted Kennedy today. A regular Catholic Mass, with great eulogies by two of his children and a moving eulogy by President Obama.

I wonder if watching a Mass on TV on Saturday fulfills my Sunday Obligation of attending Mass on Saturday or Sunday. We Catholics call our attendance at Sunday Mass our Sunday Obligation. That is what the nuns called it in the my Catholic grade school and later by the priests in my Catholic high school. I emphasize the word "obligation." We are required to go to Mass on Sunday.

Years ago, when I was first married, my wife and I attended Midnight Mass with her family. Then the next morning on Christmas Day, the family wanted me to go to Mass again. I already fulfilled my Holy Day Obligation by attending Mass once that Christmas Day. I went once and once was enough. My wife used this episode as one example of my attitude when she got our marriage annulled so she could get remarried in the Catholic Church.

"What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander" by which I mean getting our Catholic marrage annulled, gives me the right to get re-married in the Catholic Church should I want to do that. But with my thoughts on the Bible and the Church, I don't think the Church has big enough tent to include someone as liberal as me in it.

I just turned off my stove as the peelings are now cooking and boiling. I will get the juice once it cools down. I need to get some honey and some pectin from Safeway very soon.

I hope you enjoy your weekend.


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