Friday, August 21, 2009

Now cooler and Friday too

Hi again:

Sorry about the text yesterday. I mistakenly deleted my message and found it in the "draft" section of this blog site. I copied it back but apparently I need to double space between paragraphs when doing that to get better formatting.
I started reading The Accidental Billionaires. It is about the two computer nerds who tried to find girls at Harvard and found themselves creating Facebook.
The picture here is an electric car, showing the batteries in the back of this pickup. Again, 12 volt batteries, giving it very limited range between charges, much less than 50 miles. Plus 12 volt batteries weigh so much that the car ends up weighing more with those batteries than it did with internal combustion engine in it.
Have any of you traded your car in for cash for clunkers? I see the program is set to end on Monday. I heard a report on NPR this morning, from All Things Considered last night, about a car dealer who has gotten paid for only one car of the 18 he sold during the program. He is quite upset at the program as he needs the money but is not getting it.
If that last paragraph does not make sense to you, here is what I do: I listen to NPR programs on my computer, selecting those stories I want to hear, both from ATC from last night and Morning Edition this morning. I would rather listen to stories this way as I get only the stories I want to hear, plus not hearing the tag lines from all of the underwriters. I listen to about 90% of each show in this manner. But four hours of programs in the two programs ends up in about 1 and 1/2 hours on my computer.
Just go to and select programs. You will see an option to download each story or add to playlist. Select the latter one and the NPR Media Player opens.
My peaches are all laid out, now ripening. I expect it will take a few days for the peaches to ripen. Then I will can the 52 pounds of peaches.
Hope you weekend goes well.

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