Saturday, August 22, 2009

What a nice day here...

The picture here is a vacuum pump in an electric car. This is a good idea as it lets you have power brakes in your electric car. We will put these in our electric cars also. I do wonder how we get back power steering in the car. Too many accessories draw too much power from the batteries. We shall see how everything fits.
I have two books here I got from Amazon. I could have gotten both on the Kindle for less price I wanted the hard copies of these books to share with the mechanics of our company once we get started. The two books are Convert It: A Step-by-Step Manual for Converting an Internal Combustion Vehicle to Electric Power and Build Your Own Electric Vehicle. I have read parts of both but both are big books.
I am going to the library today to pick up seven books. I must pace myself with book reading up to Sept 15. On that day, once I turn on my Kindle, I will download The Lost Symbol, a sequel to The Da Vinci Code. I plan on reading The Lost Symbol before I read any reviews of it. I want to see how it works and the plot line without any spoilers from reviewers.
I am about half way through The Accidental Billionaires about the creation of Facebook. Interesting story.
My peaches are ripening slowly. They are Veteran peaches, which are ripe even though there may be some green on the peaches.
I will go to Safeway today to get some Fruit Fresh to put on the peaches once I start processing them. I may start the canning process on Monday or Tuesday. I think I will get about 10 jars of peaches from what I picked earlier this week.
I am trying write this blog with triple spacing between paragraphs and indenting the start of each paragraph. My last two posts do not look good as the paragraphs are not separated at all. In those two prior posts I doubled spaced between paragraphs and indented the start of each paragraph. We shall see how this works...
I do hope you are enjoying your weekend.

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