Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend is near...


What are you doing for Halloween on Sunday? Me, probably watch the World Series to see if the Rangers can survive.

Is anyone taking off Nov. 11, Veterans' Day? Most people get the choice: this day or the day after Thanksgiving. I think most choose the latter day.

I ordered my fourth Kindle today, this time a gift for a friend. Nolan wanted one for Christmas so I am getting him one. He is not a big reader. I got him books for last Christmas and for his birthday but I don't think he read either one of them. One was by Bill O'Reilly and the other by Glen the Stupid.

I now have 4 Kindles on my account. The first one was my Kindle 1, which is now retired. The second one is a Kindle 1 for my father. He still has his and reads it every day. My third Kindle is for me, a new Kindle 3. I love this new Kindle. The fourth one is a Christmas gift for Nolan.

Nolan must realize he cannot order books for his Kindle. I may get a credit card from him to place as a second card on my Kindle page. That way he can order books under his own credit card.

Hope your weekend goes well. I really hope the Number 1 Ducks beat the tar out of USC. I want to keep calling my Ducks, the Number 1 Ducks.


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