Saturday, October 23, 2010

Good, the Yanks are out...


The only sport I watch on TV is baseball. It was so good to see the Yanks lose last night. I did not watch the World Series last year with the Yanks in it. I hate the Yanks.

My favorite team is the Dodgers of LA. But the Dodgers are not in the playoffs this year, much to my dismay.

I do expect my Number 1 Ducks to demolish the Trojans next Saturday. Every win this year of the Ducks they have won by double digits. I expect to see the Number 1 Ducks to beat USC by 25 points.

I am enjoying reading Juliet. I am 100 pages into this 447 page book. I will tell you about once I finish it in the next few days.

My cranberry pie is wonderful. The recipe calls for baking it for 40 minutes, but I give it just 33 minutes and find it is done.

Rain is coming but is not here yet as it just past 10:00 am as I write this.

No garage sales today.


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