Friday, October 1, 2010

The weekend is here...almost


I went to the Friends of the Library used book sale. There are so many books, after tomorrow the bulk will go the recyclers. There are boxes and boxes of books under the many tables. I bought some last night and some today. Tomorrow, Saturday, it is $5.00 per bag of books. I will go there to look one more time. I have not found all that I wanted there. I saw no books by Tess Gerritsen nor any books I want on Shakespeare there. They do have one big book of everything Shakespeare wrote but it has no footnotes.

I am going down to the Used Book store here sponsored by Friends of the Library to see what I can find there. The book prices are a little higher there but not so much.

I am reading The Surgeon on my Kindle 3. It is the first book by Tess Gerritsen that features Detective Rossoli and maybe Medical Examiner Isles. I watched the TV show on TNT.

The Kindle 3 still does not have page numbers but it does tell you how are along you are in a book by percentage. So in this book I am now 29% through it. I will finish it probably tomorrow, then on to read The Tiger, a true story of a tiger attack in eastern Russia.

Hope your weekend goes well.


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