Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday morning

Hi again:

It is Sunday morning here. I don't go to Church anymore as I have no faith. I don't believe what is in the new testament at all. It is all allogory and none of it is true.

I made a cake yesterday but this time I put some of my applesause into it. It makes the cake so much more moist.

My clothes outside dried yesterday, but it took all day.

The picture I will attach later shows many Kindles. A high school in Florida is giving every of its 2,100 students a new Kindle 3. Most of the textbooks are put on their Kindles. The vice principal of the school, appearing on the Kindle Chronicles podcast, said their biggest problem as been the publishers of textbooks. Not enough of them are putting textbooks in ebook format.

I am reading The Oregonian on my Kindle. Today I have the Sunday Oregonian on it, but I see no comics on it. I have another week left on my free trial of The Oregonian so we shall see how much I read it.

I am still reading Overhaul, the story of the auto bailout of GM and Chrysler. Both companies are paying back what they got from President Obama but not paying back what they got from Bush.

I was going to read The Weekend that Changed Wall Street by Maria Bartiromo. But I saw her on BookTV on C-Span II this weekend. She is not very bright. In fact she is somewhat dumb so I don't think I will be reading her book. I read about this weekend in Too Big To Fail.

I am still reading The Quants on my Kindle so I will continue with that book instead of Maria's book.

Hope your weekend is going well.


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