Saturday, October 30, 2010

Raining on Saturday

Hi again:

It is raining here but stopped for long enough for me to ride my bike to Safeway to get some food. I did not get wet during this trip.

I am nearing the end of Juliet. It is the type of mystery I like to read as I have no idea what will happen next and how the book will end.

I will spend the day reading for the most part. I did record a few TV shows last night so I will take some time to watch those shows.

I did my laundry last night, putting everything into the dryer for the first time since summer started,. I did hang one towel outside but it rained so it is very wet. I will take it later today if I see it raining again.

I am listening to Saturday Weekend Edition on my computer. I do not listen to NPR on the radio anymore. It is easier to download stories I want to hear with no interruptions from local stations. I am not listening to any election stories on NPR as I already voted.

Other NPR programs on my computer in iTunes. But I am about 3 months behind on listening to Car Talk. Even more behind on This American Life.

Happy Halloween to you all.


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