Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday now...


I made snicker doodle cookies over the past weekend. Mine are not a round and fluffy as the ones I bought at the used book sale, but this is my first effort.

I am sure a Kitchen Aid mixer would have helped me, especially the dough hook attachment. I wonder if every thing got mixed together as I prepared the cookies. I will check on Craigslist to see what one costs these days. I know my ex-wife got on as a wedding gift when we got married, but she is probably still using it as she was one of the best cooks I ever met.

I finished The Surgeon late last week. The ending shows up on the TV show on TNT of Rissoli and Isles. I have 3 more books here I got at the used book sale at the used book store in early September. I also ordered three more books from the library. I know The Surgeon started the series but I must figure out the order the next six books.

Now I am reading The Tiger, a true story of a Siberian tiger attach in eastern Russia. The attach seems like vengeance to me. I will not give away the entire story, but it starts with a friend of the victim finding what is left of his friend. The tiger not only attacked this person but the tiger also destroyed his cabin and out-buildings. The officials there first thought the victim shot and killed the cub of a female tiger. But the paw prints were just too big for a female. I am about half way through this book.

My plan now is to read, alternatively, a book from the library, a book in my Kindle 3 and a book from my private collection.

But I fear I will break this new tradition right away. My next book is one the three books you would want to take back to the Renaissance, The Sixteen Pleasures. I got this from the library.

Waiting for me at the library is the 1,000 page book Fall of Giants, the new Ken Follet book. After reading a review of this book on my Kindle today, from The New York Times, I think I will wait to see the movie or wait until all 3 books of this trilogy come out. Follet moved from the Middle Ages to the start of the 20th century with this new trilogy.

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Pictures will come in my next post.


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