Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mid-week or hump day

This picture show accommodations in parts of Argentina. August in Argentina is cold, according to my cousin there, Mecha Schwindt.
I am trying to put pictures here now to see how this goes. The picture is medium size.
An openly gay character in the Archie comics. Talk of the Nation has a long story on it today.
For dinner, I cut up four tomatoes for my dinner. I did not eat them all yet. I had soup in addition to my tomatoes.
In The Tiger, it ends as two people are killed by this tiger. The subtitle of this book The Story of Vengeance and Survival. The author is John Vaillant. With 50 pages to go I know the tiger will be killed as it now hunts humans. It is hard to attribute human emotions to animals, but this tiger, before it killed a second young man, raided an empty camp, dragged a mattress 50 yards away and settled on that mattress, waiting the next human to come by. The second victim went out to check his traps, as animal trapping is a popular way to earn money there.
The tiger ate both people so there was not much left to bury.
The authorities in eastern Russia got permission from Moscow to kill this tiger as they are a protected species.
The book ends with the hunt for the tiger.
Like I told you earlier this is an excellent book.

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