Sunday, October 31, 2010

The last day of the month...

Happy Halloween:

No rain today, but it sure looks like it may rain.

I am now reading The Templar Salvation, a sequel to The Last Templar. The new book is interesting but almost unbelievable in the beginning. I just cannot see the Vatican forgiving the hero for what he did in the archives.

Juliet was a very good book. Two stories, one in the present day. The other story takes place in the 14th century in Siena, Italy. The older story is the first story of Romeo and Juliet. Not at all like the Shakespeare story but some the same characters. The present day story is a direct descendant of Juliet in the same family. Her aunt dies and she is off to Siena to find what her aunt left her.

I have The Coming of the Third Reich, the first of three books. The other two are in The Third Reich in Power and the last one is The Third Reich at War. All are out now, but I need to find some time to read one after the other.

Have a great Halloween.


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