Tuesday, October 26, 2010



I was found guilty yesterday by a justice of the peace for Washington County.

Here are the facts and you be my jury:

The police officer testifies he clocked me at 74 mph in a 55 mph zone.

So I was charged with violation of the basic rule for speeding 11-20 mph over the limit.

Here is my story...see if you think the judge was wrong.

I was going south on I-5 coming out of Portland. I was in the outside lane, but behind me as another car, traveling very close to me. That car flashes his lights twice at me, wanting me to get over so he could pass me.

I was looking for a safe place to move into the middle lane Traffic was not heavy but in the middle lane had a line of cars with no place to enter the middle lane. Up ahead, I see a gap that I can safely enter the middle lane, so I did speed up to get to this place. This is when the police officer nailed me.

As I moved into the middle lane the car behind me took off like a shot past me.

My argument is that I complied with the basic rule, finding a place where I could move to the center lane.

The judge said I was speeding nevertheless.

The amount of fine on the ticket was $190. The judge said he could only reduce the amount by 25% according to the law. So I have to pay $143.

I have the right to appeal this the circuit court, but another trip to Hillsboro will take too much time and probably not change the result. So I am paying my fine.

With all of this rain, I am planning to read this coming weekend. I will periodically check the football score to see how badly my Number 1 Ducks are beating USC. (Again, my wish and hope is that the terrible Beavs lose again).

Seems like it later in the week rather that just U.


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