Friday, August 20, 2010

The weekend is here...finally

Hi again:

I finished Lucy last night. Quite the page-turning book. I suspect a sequel is coming as the ending was unsettled, with many questions remaining. As I told you yesterday, Lucy is half human and half bonobo ape. Those apes are most like us of all the apes in the world.

I am now reading Map of Bones, by James Rollins. It is a Vatican mystery, just the right kind of book for the end of summer.

I made another bacon and tomato sandwich for dinner tonight. Tomatoes came from my two planted ones. So very good...

I have some blueberries my Dad gave me a few days ago. Tomorrow morning is blueberry pancakes.

This time of summer is the best time for food. I have also some peaches here.

The picture here shows there is nothing wrong with same sex marriages. Who cares who gets married????

Who cares, also, whether, what a woman does with her body, including whether to keep a baby or get rid of it. No ones business but hers and no one else.

Now you understand how liberal I am. The government helps us in many ways and stays out of some our business.

I am still searching for a used Shakespeare Anthology. I checked the used bookstore here but found only individual anthologies by the Folger library. Looks like Amazon will be the choice, seeing without seeing the book I want.

I really want my Shakespeare college textbook from China, but I rather doubt if my friend in Shanghai will mail it to me. I will email her to ask her if she can mail it to me.

Have a great weekend.


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