Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of the work week...

Hi again:
I got a speeding ticket coming out of Portland today. I was in Washington County. The cop said I was going 75 mph, but I think I was going about 60-65 as I was going up hill at the time. The fine is $190.00, so I am going to contest it. I am suppose to appear in Hillsboro on Tuesday September 7, but I will write a letter to the court to tell them I am contesting the ticket. A friend was with me in the car and she said I was going not over 65 mph because she saw the cop, whom I did not, and then immediately looked at the speedometer and it was not even at 65 mph at that point.
The picture here is one of the pencils.
I did go to Powell's today but found nothing that I wanted in a Shakespeare anthology. I did find some on eBay but I will wait until Wednesday as we have a used bookstore in Stayton sponsored by the library. I want to see what they have before going on to eBay to get one there. The bookstore is open Wednesday through Saturday.
I do wish I had my college textbook that is in China. It was an excellent anthology of Shakespeare, well-footnoted with great analysis of each play.
I am well into the second act of Henry IV, Part 1. I am way ahead of my group in reading it. The group is only in the first scene of act one.
It feels good reading Shakespeare again for an online class. I will try to find my college notes from my Shakespeare classes. I took Shakespeare for 3 terms, which a full year in college life, excluding summer term. I got A's in every class of Shakespeare.
After my first term in college, in which I got a 2.5 GPA, I upped my grades to 4.00 on most terms thereafter. I graduated college with 3.53 cumulative GPA, with many classes in liberal arts. Because of my liberal arts education in many different classes, ranging from English to history to biology and many other disciplines, I was elected to Phi Beta Kappa after graduating. This is the highest honor a college graduate can attain. This was one of the biggest surprises of my life when I got the call telling I was elected Phi Beta Kappa.
Last Saturday, on NPR's Weekend Edition, there was a 10 minute story on Oakridge Oregon. I cannot figure out how to copy and paste the site to this posting so I will post the link. There is one way you can find it. Go to and see the search line. Type in Oakridge Oregon in the search box and you will find the link to this story. Near the end of the story there is a link the host uses that talks about an hour long program on Oakridge.
I am still working on The Book of William. I am going the library tomorrow to pick up six more books waiting for me there.

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