Saturday, August 14, 2010

Getting warm and hot today...


This picture shows Elvis at the tip of a pencil.

I see one more tomato changing color to light red on plant. I think Willamette tomatoes are determinate. That means they come on all at once, as opposed to indeterminate. My Early Girl, growing upside down is indeterminate.

The Book of William is cleverly written. Starting with the auction of a First Folio, the author takes us through London to places there now and imagining what it would have been like during William's time and the years after his death.

Authors publishing their own books was not popular in the 17th century. Ben Johnson did it, but was widely criticized for doing it. The first folio was incomplete in that it listed only 9 plays. Other quartos held other plays, sometimes only one play at a time.

Today I will make Rice a Roni, something I mangled when I first made it years ago. This time I will follow the directions on the box as I make it. I am cooking two chicken breasts to go with the rice.

I have five books waiting for me at the library. But I will wait, as I have two books I want to read here. My next book is Ripe: The Search for the Perfect Tomato. I will learn of tomatoes from around the United States and old time tomatoes.

Have a good weekend since it finally hot here.


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