Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cooler today

Hi again:
This picture is sort of self-explanatory. White Out can be used for many things, so why not this?
I cut some of the foliage off my tomato. I count 9 tomatoes on my upside down tomato. I will take a picture and place it here in the next day or two.
I am now reading Lucy, a very interesting novel. The title character is half human, half bonobo. She was born in Congo. She is 15 old. Lucy looks very good. Her mother was a bonobo. This book is so very great. I will finish it today and tonight.
This is what I need to do more often. Read a book every two days.
I got just five of my 13 books at the library yesterday. I will try to get at least three of them finished by Saturday. All are novels this time. A good time to read novels, as the summer ends.
I should be in the first group who gets their Kindle 3 sent on August 27. Amazon announced the new Kindle 3 on July 25 and I ordered mine on July 27. If you order one today, the expected delivery date is in the second week of September. I have been assigning books and magazine to my Kindle 3 even though I do not have it yet. It shows up on my Amazon Kindle page so I just download books to it. As soon as I get it I will turn on the WiFi and get all of those books.
Have a good weekend.

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