Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rain in August??????

Good morning:
Here you see my one tomato growing upside down. It has two small tomatoes showing up on the left side. I doubt you can see them but you can try. When I planted this I tried to put in from the top, so I disturbed the root ball. It did not grow at first, until I fertilized it with Miracle Grow for Tomatoes and other vegetables. It then took off.
I used a old milk cartoon as my source. I read an article that I did not have to buy my container but I could use a milk cartoon or liter pop plastic bottle. I used both but the one I planted in the pop bottle broke off so it did not grow.
It is cool out this weekend. We are not suppose to get rain in August but two days it rained lightly and last night it rained again.
I am now reading Star Island by Carl Hiaasen. I like the way he writes and I have read most of the books he wrote. I am more than half way through it. There are places in the book that makes me laugh out loud.
I picked up seven more books at the library yesterday, including the book I am now reading.
My dad brought me eight ears of corn, a big box of blueberries and a small box of black cherries. I ate the cherries last night. I am thinking of making blueberry jam. Blueberries are not one of my favorite fruits. But blueberry jam might be good.

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