Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mid week now...

Hi again:
This is the cheese isle in Safeway. I put here to compare it with the cheese in China. In China the cheese area is about 10% of this area. The one good thing of about Chinese cooking is no cheese is used there. Cheese is a foreign substance in China. As I hate cheese, this is why I love Chinese cooking in China.
I dreamed of two things last night. One was bridge lessons I used to teach here and the second thing was the Green Butt Skunk flyfishing club I formed before going to China. I dreamed of both groups. The bridge lessons are in Eugene and the flyfishing club is in Stayton.
I will finish Last Night in Montreal tonight. I did not read yesterday, watching TV shows I recorded in the late afternoon.
My Kindle 3 will be shipped in 17 days. I can hardly wait to get it. All books I am buying now and articles I am saving are all for my Kindle 3. Once I get it all of my books I posted there will show up and I can then also put the news articles on my Kindle 3 once I get it here.

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