Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mid-week now...

Hi again:
My Kindle 3 is getting ready to be shipped. I hope it is shipped today and will be here later this week.
I think the picture speaks for itself. I don't know what is in Spam. I used to use to eat when I was young but not since growing up. Plus what is that jelly in the crevices of the stuff????
I am now reading the first novel of Tess Gerritsen that features Rizzoli and Isles. I watch the TV show featuring these two people so I thought I would read novels of the same people.
This novel is called Keepsake. I have her latest novel featuring Rizzoli and Isles here too, Ice Cold.
It feels good to read novels in the summer. After these two it will be Stalin's Ghost by Martin Cruz Smith. I used to read his novels featuring Renko, a Russian detective.
It has been getting hot here the last two days. I hope my tomatoes ripen in this hot weather.
I keep getting emails from Electronic Cigarettes. Right, I am going to start smoking them. No way I am going to ever start smoking.
How is your week going?

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