Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday now...

Good morning:
This picture is from the Schwindt reunion a few weeks ago.
Our back door does not work now. I took it apart but I think the striker plate and device is broken. It looks like they used the old striker and device and put a new door knob on the door.
I bought some espresso beans yesterday. I like my coffee strong and tasty. This is the best I have had since I started grinding my coffee beans. I want coffee that "floats rocks." I like it so very strong and mild. Using a French Press takes the acid out of the coffee and makes it taste so good.
I am on my second batch of coffee today. I usually make just one French Press that give me about 3 cups of coffee. But today I drank it so fast, so I ground some more beans and made another French Press of coffee.
In the book Last Night in Montreal it tells the back story of the young lady stolen from her mother. But now I am seeing the husband in Montreal now to find his wife. So back story and current story. It is an excellent novel.
I now see four tomatoes on my hanging tomato plant. All are quite small. I did fertilize it again two days ago. It looks so very good now.

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