Sunday, August 29, 2010

My new Kindle 3 is here...


This picture shows the square watermelon coming from the glass container where it grew up.

My new Kindle 3 is here. I picked it up yesterday morning at 6:30 am at our post office (I knocked on the back door, a postman came to see me. I have her my tracking number and my name and she retrieved my package; talk about great customer service at our post office...)

The Kindle 3 is so different from my Kindle 1. Same size screen, but about thick as a pencil. The screen is so much different, so much brighter and clearer than my older Kindle. I can now create folders on it, so now I have 3 pages on my new Kindle, compared to nearly 60 pages on my old Kindle. I can now listen to either a male voice or female voice narrate a book or poem.

It has been so much cooler here than it should be this time of year. It feels like it is going to rain. I went to Safeway on my bike about half an hour ago. It sure feels and looks like rain. But rain here in August is not suppose to happen.

I am nearly finished with Ice Cold, the Rizzoli and Isles novel. Again a great summer read.

I have five other books here from the library but I may take them back. I am more interested in reading my Kindle 3 in the near future.

Last night I made mushroom soup and two chicken breasts in a slow cooker. I cooked some rice to eat with it. It is so good. Two cans of mushroom soup, one cup of water out of one of the can, two frozen chicken breasts, cook for at least four hours.

I will take a few pictures of my new Kindle and post them here in the near future.


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