Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting hot...finally...

Hi again:
I watched The Big Chill last night. This was the first movie where, after watching it, I went and bought the soundtrack right away. But much to my dismay the best song in the show was not on the soundtrack. The song: The Band singing The Weight. One great jazz version of this song.
Today I went to YouTube today and found four different versions of it. It is my favorite song these days and in past days.
The Book of William is so very good. I do guess I like reading nonfiction better than fiction, for the most part.
I have one tomato turning red now. I have bacon in the frig. Once it turns completely red this weekend, it will be the first of many bacon and tomato sandwiches, on toast, with mayonnaise. I do have three lettuce plants in my garden, red lettuce. I may even cut some for my sandwiches.
I must water my upside down tomato at least twice a day during these hot days. The tomatoes are getting bigger on that plant so they are pulling down the plant. I was wondering what happens when the tomatoes get bigger on that plant.
Have a great weekend.

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