Saturday, August 21, 2010

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This picture shows a Canadian billboard. Just what we need: an extra-wide bottle to fit in the cup holder in your car.

I just read an article in a Shanghai newspaper that smoking in China has dropped somewhat. It used to be 350 million people smoked in China; it is down to 301 million now. But the price of pack of smokes now costs you 35 cents. That price used to be $1.00 a pack, but with demand now down, the price fell. This is the one thing I hated about China, the number of people smoking there. The worst part was smelling smoke in a restaurant. The article mentioned that men smoke because smoking "makes them a man."

Overall, 54.9% of men smoke; 2.4% of women smoke.

Between the ages 15-24: 33.6% are men; 0.7% are women.

Between the ages of 25-44: 59.3% are men; 1.6% are women.

Between the ages of 45-64: 63%are men; 3.2% are women.

Age 65 and up: 40.2% are men; 6.7% are women.

China is seeing the same diseases associated with smoking that we see here. But with no health care insurance at all in China now, people must use the saving account for care. If they do not have enough money, they are put in a substandard hospital and die quickly there.

China has one the world's greatest saving rates but every time you go the hospital there you must pay cash for your care, often up front with entire estimated cost of care.

If you cannot tell, hate cigarettes. China is a very nice country with wonderful people except for the smokers there.

It is such a good thing that smoking here is not tolerated.


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