Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow expected tonight or tomorrow here


I see from the weather person we may get snow here tonight and tomorrow. I take some pictures if we do, indeed, get snow.

If you are a new reader to this blog, you see I post a written missive then post pictures. I do this because this site like not to separate paragraphs when pictures are added to my written posts.

I am watching The Scarlet Letter now, the movie from 1995. At the beginning of this movie, it said it was "freely adapted" from the Hawthorne book. I have the book in my Kindle and I may read it again soon. I read this book the first time in grade school. Since I went to St. Mary's Grade School it was a surprise to see this book in that library.

The Emperor's Tomb is turning into a page-turner now. I need to set some time to read it through the end soon. Steven Berry is an excellent mystery writer and I read all of his books over the past few years.

Off to do some errands now.


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