Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Day after...

All of these images are from Aumsville yesterday, showing the damage done by the tornado that touched down in part of this town.
I am starting with the bottom picture here. This was Nichols Plumbing, a business that has been here since 1962. Notice, however, the empty jars still on the two top shelves of the wall. Amazing the destruction of this shop but those jars did not fall down.
The next picture up shows again the absolute destruction of places in this town.
The third picture up (the second picture down) shows how selective this tornado was as it touched down in places in Aumsville. The weatherman yesterday that this tornado acted like a bouncing tennis ball, touching down in places then going up, then touching down again.
The top picture shows again where the tornado touched town in one place, destroying this business.
The newspaper today said four businesses were destroyed and 50 homes severally damaged.
But no one died and there were only two very minor injuries.
These pictures I got off The Oregonian's website,
Not much else happening here.

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