Thursday, December 2, 2010

H, Dec. 2 today


Yesterday I was 60 years old, and today I am 61 now. Not too bad of a day then...

I certainly do not feel like 61, more like 41 instead.

The first part of the house that the author talks about is the Hall in the book At Home. By hall he means the one room house that first appeared thousands of years ago. A fire in the middle of the house caused it was very smokey.

I am getting ready to publish Redemption, an Epic Poem on the Kindle page. This is the second poem we have published on the Kindle page by the late Raymond Geraths. The first poem is Creation, an Epic Poem. If you have a Kindle look for Creation on the Kindle page. It is a good story of how God created the world and how she created Adam and Eve and their subsequent fall. Like I said a good story but I do not believe any of this happened. Good story with good lessons but not true in any sense.

What are your plans for the coming weekend?


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