Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Feast of St. Steven today 12/26


Today is the feast of St. Steven. I don't believe it but like I said I don't believe much of what the church teaches.

In whomever wrote Luke must have been on drugs too. The christmas myth he creates about a census where everyone has to go their home town to be counted. Not true in any sense. Why would Rome make people go back to hometowns of ancestors to be counted? Some people had not been back to the hometown for over 100 years. This is a false story.

The story in the New Yorker from last week says only the mark gospel, but mark did not write it. Whomever wrote mark did not write the last part of that tale. Even the catholic church admits this. No virgin birth and no resurrection in that story. It is the first one written so the closest one to the truth, but again I don't believe what is it either.

This will be the end of this rant on xxxxxxx season.

I am now reading The Emperor's Tomb by Steve Berry. Part of this novel takes place in China where I was at one point. Part of takes place at terracotta museum. I was there with my new camera to see the thousands of soldiers dug up from there. The pictures I took there disappeared from my computer once I tried to send them to it.

I used chocolate chips in my latest batch of fudge. Not as dark as when I used Baker's chocolate.

Rain all week is coming, I see. During a rain break today I rode my bike to Safeway to get the paper.
The picture here is what James Fallows, a senior writer for The Atlantic, saw in his back yard in Washington D.C.

Enjoy this last week of 2010.


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