Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Fudge today...


I made fudge again today, this time following the recipe to the exactness. It turned out perfect this time, not the liquid fudge I made a few days ago.

I am now reading Hell's Corner, a David Baldacci book. I like reading all of his novels.

I did finish Bloody Crimes yesterday. Jefferson Davis was captured in Georgia and was imprisoned for two years, when the federal government released him to live out the remainder of his days (24 more years) in the South. He was popular there but faded from history rather quickly upon his death. The other big story was the death train of Lincoln from Washington, D.C. to Illinois. It took a circuitous route, going northeast then south and finally west. Millions of people watched as the train passed by. It stopped at many large cities where a memorial was held for the fallen leader. If you are going to read this book, first read the same author's book Manhunt, the search for Lincoln's killers. Bloody Crimes is a sequel to that book, as it fills in what was happening in the country as Lincoln's killers were caught and quickly brought to justice, with four of them hanged.

It has been raining here since about 2:00 pm today. I made it to Safeway to get my fudge ingredients around 1:00 without rain. I ride my bike so today I rode with no rain.

I was up at 4:15 this morning again. Wide awake so I got up to listen to NPR programs I was behind on for the past few days. I watched 3 episodes of John Adams today. I recorded it from HBO a few months ago. I have four more to go. I have John Adams on my Kindle so I can read his book again any time I want.

Hope your weekend was good.


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