Saturday, November 20, 2010

The weekend is here...


I did hang two towels outside today, but they are not getting dry after four hours. I will have to bring them in an hour or two, or at least before it gets dark out.

I spent last night reading my book instead of watching any TV. The Atlantic is a very good book, and I am enjoying reading it.

It is clear that the Norse discovered America about five hundred years the racist Columbus. We celebrate Columbus Day but very few know what kind of man he was. He killed Native Americans both by shooting them as well as giving them diseases that Native Americans were not subject to living in their land.

I am now four days behind on reading The New York Times on my Kindle. Good thing it is free otherwise I would delete it. I have it free to the end of the year. I wish I was getting just the Sunday Times, but I must read the back issues of it.

Today I made a Christmas coffee creamer. I will try it tomorrow even though I like my coffee black. It has half and half, cane juice crystals, and chocolate, with peppermint added at the end. I will try to see if it any good. Nolan may like it.

Tomorrow to Gervais I will go with my dad to a church dinner there. My dad calls the daily meals: breakfast, dinner and supper. I call it: breakfast, lunch and dinner. My dad spoke German until he got to grade school. After he started grade school and learned English, he and his brother spoke English to my grandmother and she spoke German back to them.

Hope your weekend goes well for you.


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