Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday now...


The poor beavs, losing by so much yesterday, getting shut out 38-0. I think the Number 1 Duck mascot will be doing 89-90-91-92... push ups next weekend. Remember he does push ups for every point the Number 1 Ducks score.

I am reading Washington: A Life very slowly. I am only 50 pages into it, with 750 pages left to go. I better do much reading later today.

Since I have no faith anymore, I do not go to Church anymore. No faith and no belief in what is in the new testament. It is all stories but nothing is true it. Good lessons, but nothing is true.

I will not go a rant today about my lack of faith. I know I talked about it before here so this is not new to you.

It was cold out this morning, around freezing. It is much warmer now, with rain outside now.


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