Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday now


Another bifurcated night. I went to Starbucks yesterday afternoon to get a decaf coffee. It apparently had enough caffeine in it to wake me up three hours after I went to bed. Two hours later I went back to bed for another two hours. No more coffee for me after the morning ends.

I did some laundry last night and put three things outside to dry. I have not checked them today to see how each made it through the night.

Within 50 pages from the end of The Templar Salvation. Not a page-turner if I can stop with just 50 pages to go.

I am going back to China, probably early next year. I will continue my blog as I started this blog while in China.

My dad and I are going to see my cousin Marlene. She had a bad stroke about 10 years ago and is in a care home in Mt. Angel.

The weekend approaches, but it looks like rain tomorrow.


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