Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

Hi again:

I am not a veteran, but both my dad and brother are. My dad served in World War II and Ken served in Vietnam. Me, I got a high lottery number back while in college that kept me out of the draft.

Dreaming in Chinese is a very good book. I am enjoying reading it. Reminds of my time in China and when I go back to China I will concentrate on learning Mandarin again.

I have my appetite back again after it left me last week. But I am no longer eating things like cakes and brownies. I have fresh apples here I eat every day.

I am also eating my canned stuff. I had canned peaches over my cereal and then I used a can of my prunes to add to the cereal.

I am drying persimmons now. I had to cut them up as they are too big for my dryer. I ate a raw one yesterday and they are quite good.

I have 18 quarts of canned applesauce here. Some will go as Christmas gifts but I will still have quite a few left after that.

Have a good weekend.


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