Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekend is here

Hi again:
The caption to this picture tells the full story.
I am watching Section 60: Arlington National Cemetery on HBO. It is so sad to see the waste of lives for the unjust wars. This is where they bury the dead soldiers from both wars. Again, so very sad to watch the wives, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters talk about the missing loved ones.
Now I read we will be in Afghanistan until 2014. That is too long. We need to get out of Iraq now. President Obama needs to show some courage and get us out of these Bush wars. These are Bush wars and no one else. We blame Bush for these wars and for the bank bailouts. Our president did not do the bank bailouts, Bush did these. President Obama inherited the wars, this economy and this culture from the nut you elected twice, Bush.
I am not going to read the Bush book that is out now. Why should I, it is full of lies.
Not many garage sales this weekend. So I am not going to any of them.

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