Friday, November 19, 2010

Tis Friday now...

Hi again:

Seems like the weekends in the Fall are not nearly as important as the summer. I do wonder why.

Cane juice crystals is what I need. I will see if Safeway has any. If not, then regular white sugar is what I will use. Why would a recipe need cane juice crystals instead of sugar. Sugar is sugar.

Getting into Atlantic, the book on the ocean. Learned how it was formed when the big continent split apart 250 million years ago. (I know, the creationists believe the world is only 6,000 years stupid can one be think like this...).

The author believes one day the Atlantic will die, not in our lifetimes, but someday in the far future.

Makes me wonder how the Pacific Ocean was formed. I believe in the Big Thunk. The moon hit the earth millions of years ago, causing the big hole we call the Pacific Ocean. The Pacific is so much larger than the Atlantic.

I told you earlier I walked in the Atlantic Ocean and later that same day walked in the Pacific Ocean. Quite the feat, although the Atlantic has hardly no waves compared to the Pacific Ocean.

I have Washington: A Life waiting for me at the library. This book costs $19.99 on the Kindle page so the library I went instead of paying that much for an ebook. The book is 900 pages, so I will pick it up the day after Thanksgiving. I have four other books here to read before Thanksgiving.

My next book is Tears of a Clown, a hit on the crazy Glenn Beck. I never watch Fox News so I never see those crazies perform.

I am going to a parish dinner on Sunday in Gervais. We shall see how good it is then.


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