Friday, November 26, 2010

Ducks win again this week


My Number One Oregon Ducks won big again today, beating Arizona 48-29. Next week it will put up more than 60 points against a bad osu team. The lowly beavs will barely get 14 points against my Number 1 Ducks.

Then in Glendale, they will beat Auburn very badly, winning the National Championship of College Football.

I found out yesterday my brother Randy is going to Glendale if the Ducks get that far. Each game ticket costs him $345.00 each.

Today I heated some cream of mushroom soup to put over my turkey sandwich to make it taste so very good.

I have five books awaiting for me at the library now. I will make a trip tomorrow to get those books.

I am selling my Kindle 1 to a friend near here. She wants to give it to her daughter-in-law. She gets it with most of my books on it. It cost me $399.00 but I am selling it for $50.00 now. I am very well pleased by my Kindle 3.

I am now four days behind reading The New York Times. Good thing I am not paying for it. My subscription ends at the end of December, so I will end it then.

I nearly through the Glenn the Idiot book. It is an excellent book as it cuts him down with all of his lies.

Rained most of the day here, so stayed inside here, reading and such.


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